march 2018

Freelance project

My mission was to create a graphic identity for a french entrepreneur working with drones to do photogrammetry, building photography and valuation and damage assessment.
I was tasked to make a logo for his business: Oxa Drone.

His values and what he wanted to share of his identity were : dynamism, quality pictures, innovation yet sobriety. Working with the letters of the world was something he wanted me to explore.

First iteration

I started by skecthing several options to show the client, exploring different creative directions based on the discussion we had at the start of creative process.

Second iteration

The client prefered the first proposition and I started iterating on it. I started to explore different color palettes.

Based on the client feedback, I also iterated on small details of the first proposition. I adjusted the shape of the 'a' to make it less round and adjusted the font for the DRONE section.

Third iteration

We then did some adjustments on the colors and a simplified version of the logo for him to use on smaller formats.