Les Cartons

june - july 2017


Web developer, motion design & graphic design

Les Cartons are a french start-up based in Toulouse. They provide a collaborative platform to sell your furnitures when you move out of your appartment. See the website here !

When I interned there, they were a team of 2, working with 2 freelance developers to update and polish their website, published a mere 4 months before. They also had a pretty big community on facebook, through city-based groups where people would sell their furniture as well.

Motion Design

One of my missions was to create gifs make their social presence and impact on social networks more "fun". I created several to explain what was 'Les Cartons' and to communicate more about the furnitures that were being sold in each specific town.

Another layer of this mission include creating gifs in order to make the website less static. It was for the elements that needed to be seen, such as the tags that they digitally add on the furnitures on the pictures or the alarm clock to invite the user to suscribe to their alert service.

Web Design

Throughout my internship, I made mockups for the different pages of the website. I redid the home page so we would gain more traction, by putting on the foreground their key selling points and by really using their graphic identity to the fullest.

I also mocked a few other important pages such as the messaging pages, the connection page and the static pages. The messaging pages were what was causing the most trouble on the website, because it was not responsive. Most of my work was to make it more intuitive and have it be efficient on a desktop and a smartphone.

Web Development

I implemented the static pages I designed, adapting to the code already in place. I had to learn the basics of the symfony framework for the frontend and use the bootstrap grid to make a responsive page.

Furthermore, I also worked on their auxiliary domains that include their blog among other things. Those domains had a WordPress installed with a predefined theme that I had to modify in order for it to fit their graphic identity.