november 2017

Freelance project

Working with a guest house from Britannie, France, I designed a logo and a graphic identity as they wished to grow their business by showing a singular identity.

They wanted the logo to portray their authenticity, their ideal placement near nature and the sea, the colour blue (as they are called ‘Les Gîtes Bleus’) and the calmness of their guesthouse.

First iteration

Exploring different paths, I created several propositions.

Second iteration

The client prefered the version with the seagull feet. I focused on this one and made the 'B' look more like a seagull, adding a beak and footprints that are a reminder of the footprints left on the beach by birds (and humans).

Third iteration

Colors came in right after. We knew that, because of the name of the guesthouse, it would be prominently blue, but we had to choose which hue and we needed to make the small details catch your eyes as well.

Final version