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Hi & Welcome !

I'm Julie PUECH, a 22 year-old interactive media developer and graphic designer from Toulouse, France.

After two years of intensive Maths and Physics, I got into a french 'école d'ingénieur' which was providing classes focused on blending art and sciences. There, I discorved a real interest in developping interactive and creative applications and projects, while working into a multidisciplinary team. Wanting to further my knowledge and experience in that field, I joined the Center For Digital Media to persue my master's degree in Digital Media.

I clearly have a more scientific background but I have always cultivated my creative side, taking drawing classes while growing up and embracing the design classes I got in school. Knowing both the creative side and the developer perspective is a real asset when working in a team because it allows me to better understand and pedict the requirements and constrainst of designers and developers.

I recently worked on a AR project and can't wait to explore more in this field. Everything from dev to designing the user experience is new and exciting in this space and I truely believe big things are comming !

When I am not working, I try to spend most of my time hiking and backpacking. I enjoy mountains and the outdoors in all seasons, liking how it can really make you feel like you are in a bubble that technology cannot reach (too much). I am a paradox in that way... loving to work on new innovative projects but liking to step away and enjoy nature without any distractions.




Take a look at a selection of projects I have worked on (and enjoyed doing! ). Having a diverse skill set allowed me to work on many different projects, from AR development to logo creation, from game design to art installation: you might be surprised!